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Elberton Utilities

Contact Office: (706) 213-3278


A part of Georgia’s modern integrated electrical transmission system, the City of Elberton has an excellent ability to supply industrial demands. Compared to 47% for the U.S., coal accounts for 84% of fuel used by the state’s power generating plants. This assures long-term continuity.


The latest incentive from the City of Elberton is a fiber-optic broadband telecommunications system under the name ElbertonNET. It enables the City to offer video and data capabilities to businesses of all sizes. Over 30 miles of fiber currently make High-Speed Internet and Cable TV available throughout the entire City limits and beyond in some directions, including the Elberton Industrial Park.

ElbertonNET is a part of the Georgia Public Web, connected to its 3,000-mile self-healing SONET fiber system. In addition to high-speed internet, several business products are available, such as Point-to-Point private line connections and a 24-hour a day, seven days a week Network Operations Center. For more information on Georgia Public Web, please go to the GeorgiaPublicWeb site.

Natural Gas

Supplied by the City and available in industrial quantities on both a firm and a temperature-sensitive basis.


Plant capacity: 3,100,000 gal/day Consumption: 1,600,000 gal/day maximum Storage capacity: 1,250,000 gal. elevated, 500,000 gal. elevated under construction; 600,000 gallons ground storage.

Source: Beaverdam Creek and Lake Russell. Daily permitted withdrawal: 7,500,000 gals.


Plant Capacity: 1,500,000 gal/day Plant Load: 9,000,000 gal/day.

Primary, secondary treatment plant.201 facilities are study approved.

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