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Emergency Services

Elbert County Sheriff’s Office

The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office is a full-service law enforcement agency that is honored to serve the men and women of Elbert County. The Elbert County Sheriff’s Office exists to protect life and property, maintain peace and order, and provide law enforcement services. The Sheriff’s Office also places a high value on public safety, awareness, and crime prevention.

Office: (706) 283-2421


Elberton Police Department

The Elberton Police Department has approximately 15-20 officers and serves a population of 7,000 – 7,500. Elberton’s Police Department is guided by a philosophy of “community policing", actively engaged in educational programs and community watch groups. Officers and departments have good relationships with citizens, reducing crime and making the process of investigating crime much easier. During the 1960s when many communities were experiencing difficulties with integration, Chief George Ward brought on board John Hubbard as the City’s first African American officer. Ward and Hubbard worked together during this difficult time in our country’s history to bring fairness and community policing to every neighborhood in Elberton. Today, Elberton’s Police Department continues to bring our community together and protect residents as well as our many visitors.

Contact: (706) 213-3130


Elberton Fire Department

Elberton’s Fire Department is located at the City’s Municipal Government Complex in downtown Elberton and is centrally located to every resident and business in the City. Constant training and state-of-the-art equipment make fast response times possible…usually within minutes to any location in the city of Elberton.

Contact: (706) 213-3100


Elbert County Emergency Services

Elbert County Emergency Services is comprised of the following agencies: Elbert County EMS, Elbert County 911, Elbert County Emergency Medical Responders, Elbert County Emergency Management Agency, and Elbert County Coroner.

Elbert County's First Responder Program is comprised of specially trained individuals from both the Elbert County Fire Department and the City of Elberton Fire Department. These individuals must complete a State Approved First Responder Course and regularly attend refresher training courses to keep their skills up to date.

Contact: (706) 283-1411


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